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2 Arbroath Road, HQ Bedfordview, 2008, South Africa.
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Romany House, Mellis Park, 2 Mellis road, Rivonia, 2128
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Payroll Manager/Supervisor

Candidate: 131815
Available: Available
Location: Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Gender: Female
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Payroll Manager/Supervisor
R35000- R50000
Snr Bookkeeper

Snr Bookkeeper:Bookkeeping to Trial Balance - 97%
Payroll & Monthly SARS Returns - 91%
Cost Management - 94%
Financial Statements - 88%
Pastel Certificate:Pastel Bookkeeping - 98%
Grade 12:Afrikaans
Adobe Acrobat,CAD Programmes,ADSL,Caddie,A +,Active Directory
Logistics: Payroll Manager From 2015-08 To 2020-10

Payroll Manager: 01/01/2019 - 28/10/2020

30 Payroll Groups (± 5500 employees)

Oversee (checked, balanced, approved, released) Payrolls for South Africa and Africa Countries:

8 Business Units for South Africa

    12 Normal payrolls / 7 NBC payrolls / 5 weekly payrolls / 3 Owner Driver payrolls

3 Africa payrolls (Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia)

    Closed Africa Country payrolls: (Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Malawi)


Daily running of the Payroll & Leave department with 1 Snr Payroll Specialist, 8 Payroll Specialists, 3 Leave administrators and 2 Admin Assistants, by counselling, disciplining, planning, monitoring, KPI’s and performance assessments, recruiting, orientating and training.

Payroll Yearly Budget & Provisions


Payroll & ESS system administration

  • Ensure the Sage People300 setup (tax rates, structure, leave setup etc.) is up to date and accurate & maintain changes of any system related info (ex GL account numbers, new Cost Centres, etc);
  • Ensure that the software is licensed with the most recent version and paid annually;
  • Manage Web ESS workflow changes as ESS superuser;
  • Secure password-protected access for Payroll Specialists & HR Administrators to all Group companies’ Payroll & Leave on Sage People300 as superuser;


Payroll Administration

  • Setup and manage monthly payroll deadlines with each HR division, to ensure that monthly/weekly employee changes are processed before deadlines;
  • Checking & importing of yearly Increases, Incentive bonusses & 13th cheques into Sage People300;
  • Checking & importing of NBC yearly increases and leave administration into Sage People300;
  • Apply for RSA Director’s Vested Shares Tax Directives, import in payrolls & process payments;
  • Oversee & check input changes from Payroll Specialists into Sage People300 system;
  • Manage Web ESS queries;
  • Prepare UIF TERS submissions & payouts – Covid-19 period;
  • Unpaid leave recons for Covid-19 period;
  • Expat’s salary reconciliations & payments;
  • Ad-hoc instruction received from Exco - HR Director, Finance Director


Reporting, Audit & Month-end management

  • Checking of Variance reports and send to Managing Directors for approvals;
  • Print payroll reports and obtain authorization from CEO & COO prior to pay run;
  • File authorizations, variance reports and reconciliations;
  • Oversee & check Monthly HR Master & Variance reports to validate payroll system changes;
  • Report each Paygroup/company headcount to salary reconciliation from month to month;
  • Prepare monthly payroll reporting, forecasting and budgeting to Finance;
  • Check & authorize monthly/weekly salary/EFT payments;
  • Release payroll bank uploads by 2pm on 24th of each month and weekly by every Thursday;
  • Compiling payroll audit packs for external audit containing annual payroll recons, HR Master Reports, HR Leave Reports & HR Monthly Staff Movement reports, Finance’s General Ledger reports, Directors Income certificates etc;
  • Preparing audit samples for external, internal, SARS audits;
  • 3rd party payment checking, balancing & bank releases (in total ±R130m per month);


Statutory compliance

  • Stay up to date with relevant legislation and statutory regulations and implement where necessary;
  • Maintain the compliant setup, nature and integrity of the payroll system;
  • Submit monthly statutory returns to authorities (e-filing, easyfile, WCA, etc.);
  • Reconcile & submit half-year and year-end reconciliations (IRP5s) to SARS;
  • Submit Paygroup’s statistics to SASTATS;


General administration

  • Maintain strict confidentiality in all payroll-related information.
  • Managing strict timeline to ensure all payment dates are met.
  • Manage process to ensure timeliness and compliance in payroll processing.
  • Retain all change approvals from HR Departement and management.
  • Retain monthly files with approved reconciliation and reports.
  • Meet with HR Director & HR managers on a monthly basis to update forecast salaries.


Payroll system upgraded in October 2019 from Premier to People300 (taken over with YTDs)

(From commencement of project March 2019 to completion November 2019 full time involved in the project)

Integration project from SAP HR System to People300 finalized in July 2020


Payroll Team Leader: 01/08/2015 - 31/12/2018

43 RSA Payrolls & 9 Africa Companies (± 5000 employees)

(Africa Companies:  Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya)

Payroll Processing:

  • Increases & Bonus schedules received from HR Director, Monthly & NBC employees;
  • Updating VIP & ESS systems on a regular basis;
  • Stay up to date with relevant legislation and implement where necessary;

Oversee & check:

  • All Payroll input processed by Payroll Specialists for Master Data information - All Earnings,
  • deductions, staff movements, terminations, engagements, salary increases, Incentives, Commissions, Medical Aid, Pension/Provident Fund changes, Overtime, Standby & Shift Allowances; Annual Bonusses, etc.
  • Compare “Employee Central” info “VIP” info on a monthly basis;
  • All relevant Business Units Payroll Month-end reports:

Month-end Payroll processing:

  • Close VIP and Roll over to new month;
  • Variance reports for all Business Units to be checked and emailed to Directors;
  • Compile and email monthly: Employee list / HR Master / HR Leave / HR Staff movement reports for all Business Units;
  • Compile and email Headcount report for Shared Services;
  • Oversee and check all Payroll Creditor schedules and payments;
  • Do monthly releases of salary and payroll creditor payments in HSBC Bank (up to R70m pm)
  • Reconcile all Business Unit’s Payroll General Ledger for Finance and Salary bank account statement;
  • Balancing Genled vs Department Summary per Busines Unit (sent to Finance)

Training Payroll Specialists:

  • Excel, VIP Premier, ESS, Automated Timesheets, Compiling HR Reports and Payroll Recons;

Payroll Projects:

  • Assisted with implementing ESS in September 2016 for monthly employees;
  • Assisted with implementing ESS in May 2018 for NBC employees;
  • Assisted with implementing Automated Timesheets for Overtime;
  • Assisted with Employee Central system – all info from VIP Premier;
  • Updating VIP Premier to align with Employee Central since April 2018 to March 2019;
  • Assisting with implementing ESS for all Africa Countries going live in December 2018;

Previous systems and duties that changed before new systems installed:

  • Batching of all Overtime processed in TIBCO system for importing into VIP Premier;
  • Batching of Leave applications from old ESS system for importing into VIP Premier;
  • Oversee Leave input & queries;


  • Quarterly Statistics for SA-STATS;
  • Submitting EMP501s (IRP5) mid-yearly in EasyFile;
  • Supervising 11 employees (year and a half);

Any ad-hoc instruction received from Payroll Manager

Manufacturing: Payroll Manager From 2013-05 To 2015-07

Payroll Manager:       

15 RSA COMPANIES & 3 AFRICA COMPANIES (±700 employees)

Africa Companies:  Botswana, Zambia & Nigeria

Director’s salaries for 3 Companies and Senior Management;

Payroll Processing:

  • Co-ordinate receipt of information – liaise with Managers to obtain outstanding information;
  • Capture all Input received for Master data information, earnings and deductions, Staff movements, Terminations, Engagements, Salary increases, Short term incentives, Commission, Medical aid, Pension/Provident Fund changes, Overtime, Standby & shift Allowances; Annual Bonuses;
  • Stay up to date with relevant legislation and implement where necessary.

HR Functions:

  • Oversee Leave input & queries; Oversee all new Employee Contracts;
  • Oversee all Credit & Criminal Checks for new applicants;

Midmonth Payroll processing:

  • Capture Manual payments for employees during the month on VIP & Nedbank;

Month End Payroll processing:

  • Run monthly payroll for 18 Companies and reconcile Variance Reports with input;
  • Reconcile current payroll to previous payroll month via Variance reports;
  • Send out Variance reports to 18 Companies for authorization of salary payments;
  • Prepare Transfer Requisitions and payment of salaries to Nedbank for 18 Company’s employees;
  • Print payslips and ensure timeous delivery to different Companies;
  • Run Salary Journals for General Ledger;
  • Print all month end reports;

Payroll Creditors

  • Print reports and prepare Transfer Requisitions and send to 18 Companies for payments;
  • SARS returns – EMP201 on e-Filing for 18 Companies;
  • Do payment for EMP201 - PAYE/UIF/SDL in Nedbank for 18 Companies;
  • Do UIF Declarations for all15 RSA Companies;
  • Prepare Payroll Creditor’s schedules and send to Creditors (Pension/Provident,ect);

Customer Relations:

  • Manage internal and external relations, including the interface with external providers.

Yearend Processing:

  • Statutory and Annual Process checking of Master data for the preparation of IRP5’s;
  • Reconcile and submit IRP5 half yearly files to SARS;
  • Balance IRP5s to PAYE & Taxable Earnings Reports;


Payroll Project Leader:

Initiate and lead project to change over from PAYDAY payroll system to VIP Premier for 18 Companies (which includes 3 Director’s Companies and 3 Africa Companies).  Frequent progress meetings with Financial Director, Group Financial Manager and VIP Consultants.


  • Gathering of all PAYDAY info:
  • Basic employee info, All Financial employee info, Basic Methods of Calculations;
  • Liaise with all relevant Financial Managers to resolve differences regarding Salary Journal info to balance to General Ledger for Syspro & Pastel accounting systems;
  • Processing of all gathered info in VIP; Testing done on new system;
  • Run reports on all different Earnings, Deductions, Company Contr., Perks tax, etc and check information and balance back to PAYDAY;
  • Manual checks on PAYE, earnings, deductions (with different Methods of Calculations);
  • Perform analysis and action deviations with VIP Consultants.

Retail - Wholesale: Payroll Administrator From 2012-2 To 2012-9
Payroll Consultant -1 Aug to 31 Oct 2012
Payroll Capturing
Leave uploads
Personal changes
Salary Deductions
Salary increases, etc
Payslip & Variance Report Distribution to Branches

Payroll Financial Controller (6 month contract V 1 Feb to 31 Jul 2012)
Reconciling Payroll GL Accounts (Bank acc, PAYE, Pension, Med Aid, UIF, Net Pay acc, etc)
Prepare & process monthly Journals on SAP
Monthly Payroll Reports for Management
Mapping of all new Payroll codes to SAP
Receiving, checking and distribution of Starter packs
Assisting with Payroll Administration - Leave upload, admin input on Dynamiqus
Retail - Wholesale: Payroll Administrator & HR Assistant From 2012-12 To 2013-05

Payroll Input: (±2100 employees)

  • Follow up and resolve all outstanding master data, workflow and payroll input queries with sites;
  • Check all CATS and Workflow entries from sites for accuracy and errors, approved and processed by payroll close;
  • Capture all Input received for Master data information, earnings and deductions, Staff movements, Terminations, Engagements, Salary and wage increases, Short term incentive payments, Black Share payments and Medical aid, Pension/Provident Fund changes;
  • Check, prepare and capture Manual payments for employees, during the month;
  • Loading of Manual payments and Debit orders on Standard Bank;

Payroll Month End processing:

  • Run payroll, check Net pay results, compare variances to input and investigate & correct differences;
  • Print payslips and ensure timeous delivery to sites;
  • Run wage type reports for EMP201 information and request information from sites;
  • Send all payroll documentation to scanning team;


  • Run simulation postings, check for errors and balance;
  • Run test posting and posting extract programs to check for variances and correct where necessary in preparation for live run;
  • Run and reconcile wage type reports for all 3rd party payments;
  • Compile salaries journal;

Yearend Processing:

  • Statutory and Annual Process checking of Master data for the preparation of IRP5’s;
  • Balance IRP5s to PAYE & Taxable Earnings Wage Type Reports;
  • Reverse calculations from IRP5 codes balancing back to SAP Payroll Information. (Manual calcs)


HR Assistant (temp): 01/05/2013 - 29/05/2013

  • Gathering of all HR administration documents;
  • Processing of all new employee’s data on system;
  • Processing of Medical aid, Pension fund, etc.
  • Complete “Contract of Employment” and “Fixed Term Contract” for Recruitment Team;

Manufacturing: other From 2011-6 To 2011-12
Assisting with Procurement Administration
Account queries
Stock control queries (verifying Actual vs SAP quantities)
Update Supplier data basis (after hrs & e-mail addresses, BBE certificates)
Expediting outstanding purchase orders
Goods receiving on SAP
Mining: Payroll Administrator From 2010-3 To 2010-12
Payroll AdministratorAll salary Payroll administration for 850 Patterson band A VC employees (Increases, allowances, bonuses, deductions, payments (overtime, standby, etc), Engagements, Terminations, Promotion, etc ¡V prepare in Excel and import into Yellow Payroll and furthermore as per list below per payroll month
Payroll Processing
Communicate payroll timeframes with internal and external customers
Coordinate receipt of information V liaise with all areas of business
Administrate payroll information for Patterson band A-C employees (from preparing the info to importing info into Yellow payroll)
Prepare overtime and variable pay on Excel spreadsheets and import into payroll
Run monthly payroll and reconcile end product with input
Reconcile current payroll to previous payroll month via variance reports
Verify leave balances on Talenger system and import into payroll
Prepare payroll reports for review
Export payment file and upload Bank file
Process, print, seal and distribute pay slips
Export SARS returns
Month end Processing
Compile salary journal
Compile payment schedules and reconciliations for third party payments as per the salary journal
Report overtime, variable pay and leave provisions
SARS Returns
Year end Processing
Generate IRP 5 and submit to SARS and employees
Customer Relations
Manage internal and external relations, including the interface with external providers responsible to ensure business needs are met and employees are satisfied
Acting Payroll Officer (01/10/2010 ¡V 30/11/2010)
Oversee all salary Payroll administration for 850 Patterson band A ¡VC employees and 60 Management Patterson band D employees and furthermore as per list below per payroll month and supervision of 2 Time Administrators
Payroll Processes
Oversee all payroll related processes (i.e. payroll for C level and lower, month end and year end processes)
Stay up to date with relevant legislation and implement where necessary
Payroll Processing
Co-ordinate receipt of information V liaise with Managers to obtain outstanding information
Reconcile current payroll to previous payroll month via variance reports
Ensure corrections are done on erroneous information
Confirm cost allocations with departmental Managers
Run D-level payroll (70 employees)
Month end Processing
Compile salaries journal;
Salaries reconciliations
Third party and SARS payment schedules
SARS returns
Load payments on FNB
Time & Attendance
Leave, overtime and variable pay provisions
Distribute absenteeism statistics to departments
Customer Relations
Manage internal and external relations, including the interface with external providers responsible to ensure business needs are met and employees are satisfied

Manufacturing: Payroll Administrator From 2007-5 To 2009-11
All Weekly & Monthly, Salary & Wages, HR & Payroll related administration
Increases , allowances, bonuses, deductions, payments
Engagements, Terminations, Promotions, Transfers, Retirements, Retrenchments
All leaves
Annual, sick, study, maternity, etc
After payroll run, check Payroll for errors
Process, print, seal and distribute pay slips
Conduct monthly audits on payroll to ensure that the integrity of Payroll department is maintained
Payroll Recons
Time & Attendance (clocking, overtime, call outs, etc)
Time Management Audits daily (clear errors)
Distribute absenteeism and overtime statistics to departments
Supervising with full responsibility, of 130 Time administrators for assistance with daily time management
Assisting with Time & Attendance training for existing & new Time Administrators
Time Management trends ¡V ad hoc queries from Management
Retail - Wholesale: Payroll Administrator From 2004-9 To 2007-3
All Salary related issues
Increases, allowances, bonuses, deductions, payments
Engagements, Terminations, Promotions, Transfers, Retirements
All leave administration
Annual, sick, study, maternity
Salary Budget Provisions for Midrand & Brits personnel
Salary Cashbook (bank statements, checkbook)
Payroll Creditors (SARS, Pension, etc)
Reconciliations of Payroll General Ledger Account ¡V Midrand & Brits branches
Mining: Payroll Administrator From 2002-7 To 2004-6
All Salary related issues:
Increases, allowances, bonuses, deductions, payments
Engagements, Terminations, Retirements, Promotions, Demotions, Transfers
All Leaves
Annual, sick, study, sport, maternity, etc
Presented a 12 week leave workshop in the Process Plant for employees
Service: Senior Administration Clerk From 1990-11 To 2002-7
Correspondence regarding Salary & HR related issues

Salaries, allowances, travel claims, leave, medical boards, deaths, resignations, retirements, pension, courses, study loans
Civil claims
Handling of telephone accounts
Buying and stocktaking of provisions for prisoners
Salaries, bonuses and supervising of 3 Tea club employees
Bookkeeping of Tea club Books -IOR120 000 pm - Creditors, Debtors, Bank Reconciliation
Typing of Management Services investigation
Graphics of investigations
Statistics regarding Personnel strength at Police stations
Organizing of 2 major functions for SAPS members
Administration regarding all Criminal & Departmental offences and Suspension of members
Statistics regarding offences of members of the SAPS
Correspondence regarding authorization for the repair of police vehicles
Quotations for reparation of police vehicles
Ordering of vehicle spares
Handling of accounts from suppliers
Training given regarding all financial issues
Medical Doctors: Debtors Clerk From 1989-1 To 1990-5
Handling of all accounts to medical Aids and private persons
Handling of cheques received from Medical Aids and Private persons
Handling of Arrears Accounts
Insurance - Brokering: Debtors Clerk From 1988-3 To 1988-9
Collection of Insurance Premiums
Data capturing on system
Construction Materials: Reception & Debtors Clerk From 1985-1 To 1988-1
Typing of all correspondence
Preparing documentation regarding dispatchingof Bricks
Financial Services: Bank Teller and Administration Clerk From 1980-1 To 1984-3
Bank Teller for 1 year
General Administration at savings and control sections
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Ekurhuleni (East Rand),Johannesburg (Incl. Northern Suburbs),Tshwane (Pretoria)
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