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Store General Manager -Welkom:

Job Number: 65395

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Job Listing
Store General Manager
Ms office Suite
Retail - Wholesale
Free State

REPORT TO: Regional General Manager / Managing Director

MAIN JOB PURPOSE: To manage all aspects of the business unit and achieve agreed budgeted and Strategic objectives.

Stores Performance & Measurement:

Achievement of agreed Top Line Budget; - Achievement of agreed Gross Profit % Budget

Achievement of agreed Income (Rebates/ Ad Spends/ Settlements and other income e.g., Promotional Ad hoc, Selling of Ends, buying of space on leaflets & any other contributions)

Achievement of agreed expenses in line with performance ratio % to Budget

Achievement of agreed bottom line Profit Budget

Achievement of agreed strategic Basket Size and Feet count

Achievement of agreed strategic departmental participations & GP%

Achievement of strategic agreed “Cash and Credit” ratio to sales

Shrinkage in line with Budgeted %; - Stock Holding not to exceed 4.5 weeks.

Stock Management & Buying Controls:

Ensure that the store(s) have a full range of appropriate products to suit the needs of the consumer both retail and wholesale

Ensure that the store is well merchandised and according to rate of sale and that top 250 lines are in stock at all times & ticketed

Ensure Stock Card System & Supplier Cycle Sheets are well maintained and used with all Suppliers and all products. (Direct and UMS Suppliers)

Stock purchases to be in-line with ROS (Rate of Sale)

Ensure all products have a P.I. label and at least one (1) Shelf Talker on every module

Ensure promotions are correctly merchandised and pricing in place, with correct P.I. label and all Promotional Products have a Shelf Talker

Ends planners (Visible in GM’s Office) in accordance with Supplier activity, income collected and generically positioned

Ensure that cleanliness and high hygiene standards are maintained throughout the stores

Top 20 suppliers’ performance & review meetings - to be scheduled monthly and forward planning to be completed in terms of activities/ promotion/ Ad hoc income and Cycle deals on products for the purpose of marketing the products on leaflet

Selling and income on ends to be negotiated, claims signed and income recorded on Income Statement- End Income recorded as other income

Purchases buying Ratio’s to be in line with Sales- Stockholding not to exceed 4.5 weeks

Signing-off all purchase orders and receipts on a daily basis

All GRV’s to be checked- Monitor Input GP by line and invoice/ SOH/ in accordance to daily & weekly Purchase Budget

Ensure that all claims are claimed against supplier e.g. Tallies, overpricing, Supplier contributions, Ends, Shorts and returns

All returns to be monitored closely e.g. Expired stock, swell allowances and returns to suppliers for overstocks and damages - Weekly SPM to be completed in order to track opposition pricing action accordingly. 

Top 200 lines Report to be completed weekly in order to track Costs, Selling, SOH and average Rate of Sale by product.


Build supplier relationship through interaction and dealings. - Identifying of lines for promotions & price setting in accordance with market pricing

Grow market share through interaction with customers, community, suppliers and trading partners

Visiting of customers:

Visit top 20 customers weekly and do bulk dealing through sharing marketing trends and ideas

Look at the area demographics and LSM groups that you do direct marketing too. (Know your customers.)

Promote aggressively via Leaflets (Suppliers, Price, Product, Range & leaflet competitions), Local Radio advertising & sms’es

Promote Stokvels & Christmas Stamps through-out the year; - Arranging of supplier activities on weekends e.g. Wet Demos. Daily Budgeting, Sales, Reports, and Targets

Ensure that daily sales budget is monitored very closely and achieved; - Monitor and action Daily Traders Contact List, Sending of SMS`s and Faxing of Traders specials. -Look at returning orders and measure performance

Daily floor walks and Actioning- set targets daily, weekly and monthly. Follow up daily and increase store standards

Meeting of deadlines on financial info, reports & Promotional activities;

Monitor customer buying- buying card customers & customers “open to buy’s” in terms of available credit facilities. Loss Control: - Ensure that losses of all kinds are under control. (Minimize damages, expired stock etc)

Ensure that shrinkage is managed through doing daily hazard counts; - Ensure that 2nd checks are done at receiving and recorded in 2nd Checks Management book

All Empties Controls to be in place and stock counted daily with identifying variances by line with corrective action

Ensure that all till shorts are eliminated and action taken where required.

Ensure the temperature checks are done as instructed and checked by management.

All service department stock takes to be completed weekly and any shorts/ overs to be actioned.

All Airtime & Cigarette counts to be completed weekly and any shorts/ overs to be actioned.

Spot Checks to be performed on till points and shorts/ overs to be actioned.

All security 2nd checks at front end to be monitored closely and action to be taken against staff members who defaults on incorrect invoicing. 

Follow all Opening and Closing security procedures

Safe keeping of all administrational books - Books need to be in secure place.

Customer Service:

Attend to customer queries and resolve them as promptly as possible

Ensure pamphlets are distributed on time and effectively

Spend adequate time on sales floor to know customer needs and become the face of the business unit

Adequate scheduling of staff on sales floor and Front Line in order to give customers good service. Staff cost in line with agreed budgeted %

Stock availability and fair price at all times

Interaction with community - drives & involvement

Customer Friendly staff at till points

On-going Customer service training. Safety and Hygiene

Ensure that the store adheres to all safety and health laws. (Occupational Health and Safety Act.)

Ensure that the store is always kept clean and pleasant for all

Maintain Forklift licenses and renewals by staff member

Do Weekly vehicle inspections for faulty and worn parts/ tires that may cause accidents

Pest Control-maintain high levels of hygiene on sales floor, bulk stockrooms, and fridges. People Management

Ensure that all staff understands what is expected from them

Lead by example and Motivate staff daily

Proper Leave schedule & plan accordingly

Time management- Staffing- short times, Staff scheduling and Overtime

Comply with current basic conditions of employment

Act with-in “Limits of Authority” e.g. staff employment, dismissal, CCMA, Retrenchments, Increases and commissions paid

Manage staff grievances promptly and correctly

Practice goal setting in every area of the business and review monthly; - Ensure compliance to all HR policies and procedures

Train staff adequately in every area of the business

Measure Productivity:

Review staff structure monthly and monitor sales by staff member.

Finance Administration:

Ensure that all Cash safety procedures are followed daily e.g. Cash pickups, Cash Drops, Cash Pay-outs and Cash Collections

Cash Flow management- payment of expenses & stock

Sign-off daily Cash-up report confirming Cash Deposited, Expenses paid out, suppliers paid COD, Transport Expenses, Debit & Credit cards transactions, Till shorts & Overs, Bank shorts & overs & Petty Cash

Ensure that all cash deposits balance daily with actual cash banked

All Credit Cards balances daily with actual slips/ speed point transactions

Control all expenses by signing off all Sundry orders and final invoices;

Ensure accuracy of Income statement detail and performance against budget

Ensure accuracy of rebate & other income on monthly income statement

Ensure all payments are signed off by the appropriate personnel before - making any payment. -Within “Limits of Authority”

Weekly monitoring of age analyses on Debtor’s customers- act in accordance to agreed terms with customer

New customer credits & terms in accordance to “Limits of Authority”

Complete Monthly Transport Income statement measuring profitability of delivering of goods. Systems and Procedures

Comply with all systems and procedures

Monitor all sales below cost daily. Action accordingly

Daily Sales report to be checked and signed off with supporting documentation for day-end

Discount reports to be checked daily to check for any un-authorised transactions.

All Refunds and Overrings to be checked and signed off with day-end reports. Stock Takes

Perform stock take preparations

Ensure that stock takes are done in accordance with agreed CPA and Budgeted Cost

Perform accurate stock take

Variance reports to be scrutinized and actioned accordingly. General Additional Requirements in fulfilling the above-mentioned position

Management Control and additional responsibilities

That the fulfillment of this role may require you to perform duties beyond the scope of this role defined in the above KPA’s

That you may be required to perform additional ‘Adhoc’ duties, which are inline with the business operation and required to ensure that these are in the interest of the Company

That you may be required to fulfill a position of relieving of a role for a period of time that may be required of you due to the nature of your position.

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Matric and relevant qualification

Store General Management experience


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