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1. By accepting this agreement/logging in/checking the digital tick box I/we herewith give Unique Personnel (Pty) Ltd and/or Associates (“the Company”, “us”, “our”) permission to process my Personal Information including special Personal Information where so required, as defined in and in accordance with both the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (“POPIA”), and the Company’s Protection of Personal Information Policy.

2. The Company shall process my Personal Information for the purposes of the performance of the agreement, contract and / or the rendering of services and / for the purposes of the continuation of the business relationship specifically employment opportunities.

3. By not agreeing / providing us with Personal Information or by refusing to grant us permission to process, or continue to process your Personal Information, the Company will not be able to continue to render services / continue to perform in terms of the contract/agreement/service.

4. For complete details of our collection, processing, storage, and retention of Personal Information including, but not limited to details of your rights and how to exercise them, please refer to our Privacy Notice and Protection of Personal Information Policy available on our site/on request.

5. Your Personal Information may be shared with third parties as required for the purposes as stated in paragraph 3 above.

6. Your Personal Information may be transferred to another country, in example for the purpose of storage on a Cloud Based Storage Facility where the physical storage medium is situated in another country. In this regard the Company will only make use of service providers, located in countries that offer adequate protection for Personal Information processed in those countries. This may be achieved in terms of relevant legislation, a Service Agreement or similar undertaking, in terms of which the service provider offers adequate protection for Personal Information under its control.

7. In terms of relevant legislation, we must process your Personal Information that we already have under our control or that may be collected/issued/updated from you in future.

8. To keep our clients up to date with our latest services and news, we have also requested your permission to send marketing material to you using electronic communication (this may be deactivated/updated under your settings). By digitally ticking this agreement, you agree receive matching Job/Employment opportunities and/or related marketing material from Unique Personnel (Pty) Ltd and/or Associates per email, fax, automated calling system, SMS, WhatsApp or similar platform, using your given information disclosed below on this document. I also understand that I have the right to at any time object against receiving Direct Marketing communication electronically, by updating my settings or emailing Unique Personnel (Pty) Ltd and/or Associates.

9. By accepting this agreement/logging in/checking the digital tick box, you agree to us processing your Personal Information as per above to assist you in finding a suitable career and/or employment opportunities via our portals and various approved employers.

10. If I have been notified and introduced to a position/job/opportunity at a company by Unique Personnel and/or their affiliates, then I agree that if I participate in an interview or I am made an offer and take this offer to my current employer or another employer and receive a counter offer by my current employer and/or new employer, then I will be liable for a penalty equal to the full placement fee amount that will be payable by me (or my current employer) since this has led to a counter offer and as a result Unique Personnel has suffered damages.

11. I acknowledge and agree that Unique Personnel is not my employer but solely responsible for the introduction and/or placement with the company. Therefore, should any CCMA case arise due to the introduction/interview/placement, Unique Personnel and/or its affiliates shall not bear liability, representation, or responsibility for any CCMA findings, fees, or penalties between the company and I.

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